Dell Optiplex / Laitude Bios editing and ME Clean Process Intel ME System Tools v8 r3

Dell Optiplex / Latitude Bios Editing Tutorials using Intel System Tool

ME Clean Error Configuration Parameter Size Mismatch Intel ME System Tools v8 r3

Normally when we are editing Bios Region simple Extract EXE file to BIN file and replace with old bios bin, but there is some changes in Dell Optiplex and Latitude we can't follow simple way for bios editing. let see the problem and the solution.

In this process Bios editing tutorials we will take Dell Optiplex 9010 for editing.

Advance Bios editing for Dell Optiplex

Get your bios dump file from laptop, using bios programmer.
we have here two bios one is EC bios and Other is Main Bios.
EC bios is 4 mb
Main is 8 MB

How To Extract Dell Bios Exe Files

 to bin Click here

After extract you will get file like 

and here we get BIOS Region and ME Region

Make Rename System Bios to BIOS Region
Make Rename Intel Management engine to ME Regoin

Make both old bios dump into one bios,
use a hex editior mix ec and main into one file and give the name as MIX bios.bin

EC 4 mb + main 8 mb = 12 MB

Lets check mix bios with ME Analyzer
Me analyzer Download at here

We have Firmware Version is
then open Intel ME System Tools v8 
we use v8 bcoz we have Version 8.1

Intel flash image tool download
open Intel ME System Tools v8 r3
1. Intel ME System Tools v8 r3
2. Flash Image Tool
3. v8.1.40.1456
5. File
6. Open
Select mix bios which we made before.

Go to Build then Build Setting
Un-tick  Generate intermediate build files
 select output path for you file

go to your decompose file.

1. MIX Bios
2. Decomp
3. Replace Your Bios Region and ME Region at here which we made before.

Go to Build 
select Build Image

our Bios Editing and ME Clean has been done.

lest check with me analyzer for any error.

lets check in me Analyzer

Our job is Done.

Thanks for your interest.

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