How to use ME Analyzer ? Download all version Intel Management Engine tool

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How to use ME Analyzer ?

What is Intel Management Engine Engine Firmware Analysis Tool?

 ME Analyzer is a tool which parses Intel Engine, PMC & PCHC firmware images from the (Converged Security) Management Engine, (Converged Security) Trusted Execution Engine, (Converged Security) Server Platform Services, Power Management Controller & Platform Controller Hub Configuration families.

This tools use to Analyzing the ME Firmware in Bios Bin File, we are using this tool time of Bios editing. If any ME Firmware Problem occur in Laptop then we have to analyze the ME is there any Error or outdated, if we have found any problem in firmware, we have to clean the ME Firmware in the Bios bin file.

ME Related Problems Like

As we know ME has the control the full system it's stored all setting related to PCH / SOC
One of following problem may be occurs

§     Late Display like 20 sec,25 sec, 1 min and more
§     Fan Spinning At 100% Full Speed.
§     Corrupted ME Region May Cause Hanging Problem.
§     Sometimes Corrupted ME Region May Cause splash Screen.
§     Corrupted ME Region May Cause Slow Down System performance.
§     Random shutdown at Regular Interval like 1 min, 30 min even 1 hour.
§     Most Cases The System Will Start At Least, But Not Total Dead.
§     Facing Problem With Reboot Seems ME Region May Corrupted.
§     laptop turns on and Brand Logo appears, but it doesn’t enter the operating system

Download ME Analyzer Tools

Follow all Steps
To analyze ME Firmware you need its Bios Dump file.
Dissemble the PC/ Laptop Find the Bios Chip.
If there are multiple bios chip in your system.
One is EC and Other is Main
Main is larger size than EC
Copy the Bios File using Bios Programmer.
Step 1: Open Me Analyzer

In my case using ME Analyzer v1.55.4

Step 2 : Drag your Bios Dump and Drop on analyzer.
             See all details about ME Firmware.

Full Discussion about ME Analyzer

Firmware Version
Every Engine firmware version tag has a Major, Minor, Hotfix & Build number. 

Our case: ME has 
Major 10
Minor 0
Hotfix 30 
Build 1072

Firmware Type

Firmware Region can be either Stock or Extracted
in My case its Extracted

Stock also known as (RGN, clean/stock/unconfigured)
Extracted Known as (EXTR, dirty/extracted/configured)

Stock Means: Unconfigured images provided by Intel to OEMs

Extracted Means: configured images from various SPI/BIOS its generated by the OEM after configuring the equivalent RGN at the factory via Intel Flash Image Tool (FIT)

Firmware SKU

Intel (CS)ME or Engine firmware is mainly categorized based on its target Platform (7,9,100,300-series etc)
(Consumer/Corporate/Slim/1.5MB/5MB etc)
Their will be same Firmware in your collection.
in my Case 
Be careful of what firmware you are selecting for you.

Chip set Support
H = Halo, LP = Low Power, N = Nano, V = Value
In my Case its LP = Low Power

Firmware Latest

This is indicate your Firmware is Update or not.

If you select latest Firmware this will be Like Latest.

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Intel Me Analyzer All Version Download Free

ME Analyzer v1.120.0 r192 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.112.0 r191 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.111.0 r190 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.110.0 r189 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.106.0 r188 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.105.0 r187 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.104.0 r186 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.101.0 r185 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.100.0 r183 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.98.0 r180 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.96.0 r175 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.95.0 r174 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.94.0 r172 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.93.0 r170 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.92.0 r170 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.91.0 r169 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.90.0 r168 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.88.0 r167 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.85.1 r163 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.86.0 r166 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.85.0 r162 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.84.0 r160 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.83.0 r159 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.82.0 r152 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.80.0 r151 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.76.2 r149 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.74.0 r147 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.73.0 r146 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.72.0 r145 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.70.3 r144 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.61.1 r139 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.60.0 r136 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.57.0 r134 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.56.3 r133 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.56.2 r131 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.51.2 r121 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.50.0 r119 Tools Download

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