Best Bios Chip Programmer in 2020 Full Review, facilities and price

Best Bios chip programmer in 2020

Best Bios Programmer for a Laptop Technician 2020

Tools for a Laptop Technician

This is not important you are a fresher or a experienced person all you need a bios programmer , always we should update on market as per requirements, always trending is change as per situation, as a fresher we should think which bios programmer is perfect for me, in minimum amount is should give the maximum result.

Not need to buy always new programmer this programmer should meet all your requirements, every person always wants to buy the best in budget, in this article i will share with you the best bios programmer for you as per your budget and meet all requirements.

There are two types of people in market one are the starter and other one are the already based in market professional , Fresher don't have the idea which Bios Programmer should buy, they always wants to follow what experienced technician choose for them.

Today i will share some Bios Programmer for Fresher and experience Technician, if talking about starter technician, they don't have sufficient knowledge and use of Bios programmer and some technician have also the financial barrier, then have to invest the starting amount other tools, workshop design,some components, marketing and many thing and its good actually first buy a Normal programmer then buy a professional programmer, normal it means not a simple its perfect as per your work load and problem this is perfect for your starting workload and skill.

If you have no any Financial barrier then go for the Universal bios programmer which can do your all work for The professional technician have.

Experienced person using the Universal Bios programmer, here is all need about bios, i will explained why should we use the universal bios programmer ?

In my List first i want show for the Starter Minimum amount maximum result.

1. RT809F Bios Programmer

RT809F Bios Programmer Full Review , facilities and Price

RT809F is a kind of cost-effective,reliable and fast universal programmer series,suitable for all the computers or laptops based on Pentium IV processors or the better processors.When working it can communicate with the USB2.0 fast port of computer directly,with driver program inside software,which

makes installing operation more convenient.

Support the mainstream device
including E/EPROMMCUECSPI NOR flash parallel NOR flash SPI NAND,etc
NOR/NAND chip, can read and write the EC chip
Windows support
 Low-power consumption
EEPROM offline read and write.
NOR Flash/ PROM read and write
Automatic identification and offline reading
EC Can Program
High-speed Performance
25 MB/S
free software upgrade

110 shortcut keys used in ms excel | Microsoft excel shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Complete List of MS Excel Shortcut Key

  1. Ctrl+A - Select All
  2. Ctrl+B - Bold
  3. Ctrl+C - Copy
  4. Ctrl+D - Fill Down
  5. Ctrl+F - Find
  6. Ctrl+G - Goto
  7. Ctrl+H - Replace
  8. Ctrl+I - Italic
  9. Ctrl+K - Insert Hyperlink
  10. Ctrl+N - New Workbook
  11. Ctrl+O - Open
  12. Ctrl+P - Print
  13. Ctrl+R - Fill Right
  14. Ctrl+S - Save
  15. Ctrl+U - Underline
  16. Ctrl+V - Paste
  17. Ctrl W - Close
  18. Ctrl+X - Cut
  19. Ctrl+Y - Repeat
  20. Ctrl+Z - Undo
  21. F1 - Help
  22. F2 - Edit
  23. F3 - Paste Name
  24. F4 - Repeat last action
  25. F4 - While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refs
  26. F5 - Goto
  27. F6 - Next Pane
  28. F7 - Spell check
  29. F8 - Extend mode
  30. F9 - Recalculate all workbooks
  31. F10 - Activate Menubar
  32. F11 - New Chart
  33. F12 - Save As
  34. Ctrl+: - Insert Current Time
  35. Ctrl+; - Insert Current Date
  36. Ctrl+" - Copy Value from Cell Above
  37. Ctrl+’ - Copy Formula from Cell Above
  38. Shift - Hold down shift for additional functions in Excel’s menu
  39. Shift+F1 - What’s This?
  40. Shift+F2 - Edit cell comment
  41. Shift+F3 - Paste function into formula
  42. Shift+F4 - Find Next
  43. Shift+F5 - Find
  44. Shift+F6 - Previous Pane
  45. Shift+F8 - Add to selection
  46. Shift+F9 - Calculate active worksheet
  47. Shift+F10 - Display shortcut menu
  48. Shift+F11 - New worksheet
  49. Shift+F12 - Save
  50. Ctrl+F3 - Define name
  51. Ctrl+F4 - Close
  52. Ctrl+F5 - XL, Restore window size
  53. Ctrl+F6 - Next workbook window
  54. Shift+Ctrl+F6 - Previous workbook window
  55. Ctrl+F7 - Move window
  56. Ctrl+F8 - Resize window
  57. Ctrl+F9 - Minimize workbook
  58. Ctrl+F10 - Maximize or restore window
  59. Ctrl+F11 - Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
  60. Ctrl+F1 - File Open
  61. Alt+F1 - Insert Chart
  62. Alt+F2 - Save As
  63. Alt+F4 - Exit
  64. Alt+F8 - Macro dialog box
  65. Alt+F11 - Visual Basic Editor
  66. Ctrl+Shift+F3 - Create name by using names of row and column labels
  67. Ctrl+Shift+F6 - Previous Window
  68. Ctrl+Shift+F12 - Print
  69. Alt+Shift+F1 - New worksheet
  70. Alt+Shift+F2 - Save
  71. Alt+= - AutoSum
  72. Ctrl+` - Toggle Value/Formula display
  73. Ctrl+Shift+A - Insert argument names into formula
  74. Alt+Down arrow - Displayy AutoComplete list
  75. Alt+’ - Format Style dialog box
  76. Ctrl+Shift+~ - General format
  77. Ctrl+Shift+! - Comma format
  78. Ctrl+Shift+@ - Time format
  79. Ctrl+Shift+# - Date format
  80. Ctrl+Shift+$ - Currency format
  81. Ctrl+Shift+% - Percent format
  82. Ctrl+Shift+^ - Exponential format
  83. Ctrl+Shift+& - Place outline border around selected cells
  84. Ctrl+Shift+_ - Remove outline border
  85. Ctrl+Shift+* - Select current region
  86. Ctrl++ - Insert
  87. Ctrl+- - Delete
  88. Ctrl+1 - Format cells dialog box
  89. Ctrl+2 - Bold
  90. Ctrl+3 - Italic
  91. Ctrl+4 - Underline
  92. Ctrl+5 - Strike through
  93. Ctrl+6 - Show/Hide objects
  94. Ctrl+7 - Show/Hide Standard toolbar
  95. Ctrl+8 - Toggle Outline symbols
  96. Ctrl+9 - Hide rows
  97. Ctrl+0 - Hide columns
  98. Ctrl+Shift+( - Unhide rows
  99. Ctrl+Shift+) - Unhide columns
  100. Alt or F10 - Activate the menu
  101. Ctrl+Tab - In toolbar: next toolbar
  102. Shift+Ctrl+Tab - In toolbar: previous toolbar
  103. Ctrl+Tab - In a workbook: activate next workbook 
  104. Shift+Ctrl+Tab - In a workbook: activate previous workbook
  105. Tab - Next tool
  106. Shift+Tab - Previous tool
  107. Enter - Do the command
  108. Shift+Ctrl+F - Font Drop Down List
  109. Shift+Ctrl+F+F - Font tab of Format Cell Dialog box
  110. Shift+Ctrl+P - Point size Drop Down List

Dell Optiplex / Laitude Bios editing and ME Clean Process Intel ME System Tools v8 r3

Dell Optiplex / Latitude Bios Editing Tutorials using Intel System Tool

ME Clean Error Configuration Parameter Size Mismatch Intel ME System Tools v8 r3

Normally when we are editing Bios Region simple Extract EXE file to BIN file and replace with old bios bin, but there is some changes in Dell Optiplex and Latitude we can't follow simple way for bios editing. let see the problem and the solution.

In this process Bios editing tutorials we will take Dell Optiplex 9010 for editing.

Advance Bios editing for Dell Optiplex

Get your bios dump file from laptop, using bios programmer.
we have here two bios one is EC bios and Other is Main Bios.
EC bios is 4 mb
Main is 8 MB

How To Extract Dell Bios Exe Files

 to bin Click here

After extract you will get file like 

and here we get BIOS Region and ME Region

Make Rename System Bios to BIOS Region
Make Rename Intel Management engine to ME Regoin

Make both old bios dump into one bios,
use a hex editior mix ec and main into one file and give the name as MIX bios.bin

EC 4 mb + main 8 mb = 12 MB

Lets check mix bios with ME Analyzer
Me analyzer Download at here

We have Firmware Version is
then open Intel ME System Tools v8 
we use v8 bcoz we have Version 8.1

Intel flash image tool download
open Intel ME System Tools v8 r3
1. Intel ME System Tools v8 r3
2. Flash Image Tool
3. v8.1.40.1456
5. File
6. Open
Select mix bios which we made before.

Go to Build then Build Setting
Un-tick  Generate intermediate build files
 select output path for you file

go to your decompose file.

1. MIX Bios
2. Decomp
3. Replace Your Bios Region and ME Region at here which we made before.

Go to Build 
select Build Image

our Bios Editing and ME Clean has been done.

lest check with me analyzer for any error.

lets check in me Analyzer

Our job is Done.

Thanks for your interest.

Please give your feedback as a comment to our post,and please suggest a new problem which you facing.

HP Bios Master Password for system disabled code to default hp administrator password

How to Bypass Systems Disable & admin password

Hp System Disabled code Generator

If you have Laptop HP Pavilion, HP Envy, HP Stream, HP Elitebook, HP Specter, HP Chromebook, HP Omen Laptop and Showing System Disabled code its might be HDD password or Having bios administrator password and one of (System Disabled, System Disabled i code, System Disabled A code, Enter Unlock Password Key, HDD Password Error Code, Password check failed)

If you can't see error code.
Power on your laptop and wait for the password screen
Enter the wrong password three times
You will receive System disabled code from which the password can be calculated 

Hp administrator password or power on password

Solve HP Enter unlock password key

Enter Unlock Password (Key 74003099)

Solve Hp 8 digit letter system disabled and the A letter

hp 8 digit letter system disable

hp System Disable 5 digit code

System Disable 5 digit code

Solve Hp 8 digit letter system disabled and the A letter

Solve Hp 8 digit letter system disabled and the A letter

Solve HP hdd password error code

Hdd password error code [04593]

password check failed fatal error system halted hp

Password check failed system halted

How to bypass hp Bios Administrator password System Disable code ?

System Disabled code its a code which can be solve by a calculator, there is a algorithm and we have a package of algorithm which is a Bios Master password generator. this password generator will calculate your code and generate a result which will your password.

HP system disabled code generator

Here is the HP Master password Generator , Open the page and pest your Disable Error Code and click on Get password this will generate password, use the code after remove error disable the password.

we will show you generating the password for error code which is mentioned in our above image.

1. Enter unlock password (key 74003099)
    Password : 
           For InsydeH2O BIOS (Acer, HP)61961019
           For Fujitsu-Siemens57676047

2. System Disable A [48A02676]

           For InsydeH2O BIOS (Acer, HP)57260278
           For Fujitsu-Siemens82127213

3. System Disable 07437
           For Generic Phoenixiqqelw
           For HP/Compaq Phoenix BIOShiqelmx
           For Fujitsu-Siemens Phoenix8563999
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model L) Phoenix8899458
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model P) Phoenix5612
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model S) Phoenix8622
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model X) Phoenix1622

4. System Disable i 60817429
                      For InsydeH2O BIOS (Acer, HP)75775409
                      For Fujitsu-Siemens64910022

5. Hdd password error code [04593]
           For Generic Phoenixhrqqwd
           For HP/Compaq Phoenix BIOSpkkkclq
           For Fujitsu-Siemens Phoenix586
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model L) Phoenix653622
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model P) Phoenix97128
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model S) Phoenix413329
           For Fujitsu-Siemens (model X) Phoenix55811

6. Password check failed fatal error system halted CNU98616PH
           For HP/Compaq Mini Netbookse9loug3g2z

Please give your feedback as a comment to our post,and please suggest a new problem which you facing.

How to use ME Analyzer ? Download all version Intel Management Engine tool

Download Me Analyzer tools

How to use ME Analyzer ?

What is Intel Management Engine Engine Firmware Analysis Tool?

 ME Analyzer is a tool which parses Intel Engine, PMC & PCHC firmware images from the (Converged Security) Management Engine, (Converged Security) Trusted Execution Engine, (Converged Security) Server Platform Services, Power Management Controller & Platform Controller Hub Configuration families.

This tools use to Analyzing the ME Firmware in Bios Bin File, we are using this tool time of Bios editing. If any ME Firmware Problem occur in Laptop then we have to analyze the ME is there any Error or outdated, if we have found any problem in firmware, we have to clean the ME Firmware in the Bios bin file.

ME Related Problems Like

As we know ME has the control the full system it's stored all setting related to PCH / SOC
One of following problem may be occurs

§     Late Display like 20 sec,25 sec, 1 min and more
§     Fan Spinning At 100% Full Speed.
§     Corrupted ME Region May Cause Hanging Problem.
§     Sometimes Corrupted ME Region May Cause splash Screen.
§     Corrupted ME Region May Cause Slow Down System performance.
§     Random shutdown at Regular Interval like 1 min, 30 min even 1 hour.
§     Most Cases The System Will Start At Least, But Not Total Dead.
§     Facing Problem With Reboot Seems ME Region May Corrupted.
§     laptop turns on and Brand Logo appears, but it doesn’t enter the operating system

Download ME Analyzer Tools

Follow all Steps
To analyze ME Firmware you need its Bios Dump file.
Dissemble the PC/ Laptop Find the Bios Chip.
If there are multiple bios chip in your system.
One is EC and Other is Main
Main is larger size than EC
Copy the Bios File using Bios Programmer.
Step 1: Open Me Analyzer

In my case using ME Analyzer v1.55.4

Step 2 : Drag your Bios Dump and Drop on analyzer.
             See all details about ME Firmware.

Full Discussion about ME Analyzer

Firmware Version
Every Engine firmware version tag has a Major, Minor, Hotfix & Build number. 

Our case: ME has 
Major 10
Minor 0
Hotfix 30 
Build 1072

Firmware Type

Firmware Region can be either Stock or Extracted
in My case its Extracted

Stock also known as (RGN, clean/stock/unconfigured)
Extracted Known as (EXTR, dirty/extracted/configured)

Stock Means: Unconfigured images provided by Intel to OEMs

Extracted Means: configured images from various SPI/BIOS its generated by the OEM after configuring the equivalent RGN at the factory via Intel Flash Image Tool (FIT)

Firmware SKU

Intel (CS)ME or Engine firmware is mainly categorized based on its target Platform (7,9,100,300-series etc)
(Consumer/Corporate/Slim/1.5MB/5MB etc)
Their will be same Firmware in your collection.
in my Case 
Be careful of what firmware you are selecting for you.

Chip set Support
H = Halo, LP = Low Power, N = Nano, V = Value
In my Case its LP = Low Power

Firmware Latest

This is indicate your Firmware is Update or not.

If you select latest Firmware this will be Like Latest.

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Download Free Schematic diagram, Bios bin, Boardview and Bios editing tools. visit now 

Intel Me Analyzer All Version Download Free

ME Analyzer v1.120.0 r192 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.112.0 r191 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.111.0 r190 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.110.0 r189 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.106.0 r188 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.105.0 r187 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.104.0 r186 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.101.0 r185 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.100.0 r183 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.98.0 r180 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.96.0 r175 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.95.0 r174 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.94.0 r172 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.93.0 r170 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.92.0 r170 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.91.0 r169 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.90.0 r168 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.88.0 r167 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.85.1 r163 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.86.0 r166 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.85.0 r162 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.84.0 r160 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.83.0 r159 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.82.0 r152 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.80.0 r151 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.76.2 r149 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.74.0 r147 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.73.0 r146 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.72.0 r145 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.70.3 r144 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.61.1 r139 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.60.0 r136 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.57.0 r134 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.56.3 r133 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.56.2 r131 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.51.2 r121 Tools Download
ME Analyzer v1.50.0 r119 Tools Download